Places to visit in Kaghan Naran

Naran and Kaghan valley is around 240 KM far from Islamabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory, Pakistan. Most sultry traveler goal for summers occasions, a huge number of visitors every year ran over this valley to investigate its magnificence and to make the most of their get-aways.

Chiefly attractions are Shogran, Siri Paye, Kaghan, Naran, Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Babusar Top, Lulusar lake. For night stay Shogran and Naran are best goals, different sorts of lodgings accessible, nightlife is stunning, horse riding, jeep ride for Siri Paye and Saif-ul-Malook are accessible.

land of fairies
land of fairies

Besides, the spot is additionally notable for its height of 8,000 feet and strongly chilly climate. The area possesses an elevated atmosphere implies the normal temperature around the year isn’t in excess of 10 degrees.

Naran Things to Do

Situated in the upper Kaghan Valley of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region Naran is a well known vacationer goal. For voyagers looking for activities Naran offers a few grand areas to visit.

Malika Parbat

The name sounds cool!!! It implies the Queen of the mountains.

What’s more, this is valid… The spot is a ruler as far as its tallness and magnificence. It is the most astounding pile of Kaghan Valley. The unadulterated white cold pinnacle is unmistakably noticeable from Lake Saif-ul-Malook.

The impressions of this delightful pinnacle could be found in the perfectly clear waters of the lake.

ansoo lake in naran most beautiful lake on earth

The tallness of Malika Parbat is 5,290 meters and it is open from Lake Saif-ul-Malook effectively. The separation between Malika Parbat and the lake is 6 KM.

There are four summits in this range for example Malika Parbat (South), Malika Parbat (North), Malika Parbat (Cresta), and Malika Parbat Fore Summit.

Do you know an astonishing reality about Malika Parbat? It is one of the most specialized tops after the tallness of 5,000 meters. Up till now, just twelve climbers have achieved the tallness of this pinnacle.

Climbing this pinnacle is a difficult undertaking and local people couldn’t climb this top because of its steepness. This is because of the nearness of a few balancing ice sheets while in transit to the top. Climbing this pinnacle is a careful on account of its detail.

Supat Valley – A heaven enhanced with natural life.

This excellent valley of Kaghan is appropriate for trekkers, climbers, fish catchers, mountain bikers, nature admirers, and picture takers.

This valley extends from Himalaya Mountain range to Dassu in Hazara Kohistan. It contacts both the Kaghan Valley and Babusar Top.

Subsequent to intersection the town of Naran, there is a town Sohch which is the beginning stage of Supat valley. In the wake of trekking of 5 to 6 hours from this town, Supat valley arrives.

The valley is exceptionally wonderful on the grounds that it comprises of gigantic ice sheets, shimmering cascades, blue water lakes, wild verdure fields, natural life, and substantial green woods. Ibex, deer, snow panthers, markhor, and marmots are well known natural life of this locale.

Things being what they are, would you like to visit this wonderful valley?

You should, in light of the fact that there are two lovely lakes in Supat valley for example Maheen Lake and Shamis Lake. Peridot is the popular gemstone of Supat Valley.

About 1000 to 2000 homes are available in this valley. Never miss a visit to see the magnificence of Supat valley during your visit to Naran Valley in summer 2019.


Shogran valley is another most pleasant slope station situated on a green level in Kaghan Valley. It very well may be gotten to through Kiwai and is situated at a 34 KM good ways from Balakot. There is a covered street to Shogran and you can arrive by typical vehicles or vans.

The tallness of Shogran is 7,747 feet and in transit you can encounter thick pine timberlands. In case you’re sick of the serious warmth of fields, proceed to spend your excursion in Shogran where summers are wonderful.

shogran the heaven on earth
shogran the heaven on earth

Shogran Forest Rest House is the best spot to visit in Shogran. From the gardens of this delightful rest house, you can see all encompassing perspectives on elevated mountains. In addition, Malika Parbat, Mussa ka Mussalla, and Makra, which are the most elevated pinnacles of Kaghan Valley, are additionally obvious from Shogran.

There are likewise various inns where guests can remain for a night. Furthermore, various eateries and tea slows down are additionally present where explorers appreciate sustenance and taste sweltering tea in chilly climate.

Besides, Siri Paye, a delightful spot of Kaghan Valley, is additionally available from Shogran.

Babusar Pass

It associates Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the Gilgit Baltistan territory of Pakistan.

This is an excellent pass that interfaces Kaghan valley in KPK to the Chilas on the Karokoram thruway by means of Thak Nala. The stature of this pass is 13,691 feet and the way to Babusar Pass is effectively open via autos in light of covered streets.

The best time to visit Babusar Top is from June to September when the way to Naran is open. Babusar Top is effectively open both from Islamabad and Peshawar.

babusar pass beautiful place in pakistan
babusar pass beautiful place in pakistan

From the highest point of Babusar, you can get the all encompassing perspectives on snow crests and delightful valleys. English during their standard constructed a track in 1892 from Babusar Top to Gilgit, which was beforehand available just through Srinagar.

The course to Babusar Top

For going to Babusar Top, you can contract a jeep from Naran and on the off chance that you need to go through just a single day, you should leave promptly toward the beginning of the day. Besides, Babusar Pass is situated toward the finish of Kaghan valley.

The course begins from Naran and the principal town you will experience is Batakundi. From Batakundi, there is a 5 KM jeep track to Lalazar level. On a similar street, next is Burawai town at 8 KM separation. In the wake of covering 11 KM ahead, there is Jalkhad town.

At that point there is Noori Pass that associates Kaghan valley to Azad Kashmir. After that Besal town is at 23 KM good ways from Jalkhad.

In transit, you can likewise discover Dudipatsar and Lulusar lake. From that point onward, there is Gitidas Lake which is the last spot before Babusar Top.

On your approach to Babusar Top, you may discover green fields, lovely lakes, beautiful sprouting blooms, and crowds of sheep. I would recommend you not to miss this delightful tip when you go on the trek to Kaghan valley in summer 2019.

Most importantly, you can likewise go to Chilas (50 KM from here), Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu and other lovely valleys of Pakistan.

Siri Paye

The name is shocking!!! Siri signifies “lake” in Hindko and Paye signifies “high touching ground” in Hindko, so the name implies lake in high looking ground.

Siri Paye is an excellent knoll with soak mountains, tightest street, rock tracks, rough avalanches, and frigid winter. The mountains here appear to be covered with greenery and offers quietness to the spirit.

siri paye the amazing beauty on earth
siri paye the amazing beauty on earth

This knoll is situated in Kaghan Valley close to the delightful slope station Shogran. Also, the stature of Siri Paye is 10,032 feet over the ocean level.

Do you realize what adds more to the excellence of this glade? The completely clear water lake present in the correct focal point of the knoll.

This wonderful knoll of Kaghan valley is encompassed by Malika Parbat, Makra Peak, and Musa ka Musalla.

siri paye shogran heaven on earth
siri paye shogran heaven on earth

For going to Siri Paye, one needs to go to Shogran through jeeps by covering an invigorating track of 40 minutes. There is a trekking separation of 3 hours and 20 minutes drive in a jeep from Shogran to Siri Paye. You can likewise lease a tent here.

In the event that you visit it in winters, it’s thickly secured with snow. On the off chance that you visit it in the late spring season, it is brimming with greenery and wonderful blooms.