Mario Moreno Cantinflas

Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes

Referred to coolly as Mario Moreno, and referred to professionally as Cantinflas (12 August 1911 – 20 April 1993), was a Mexican comic film on-screen character, maker, and screenwriter and a famous figure in Mexico and Latin America.

Charlie Chaplin once remarked that he was the best comic alive,and Moreno has been alluded to as the “Charlie Chaplin of Mexico”.

As a pioneer of the film of Mexico, Moreno helped introduce its brilliant time. Notwithstanding being a business pioneer, he likewise wound up engaged with Mexico’s tangled and frequently hazardous work legislative issues.

Early Life

Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes was born in the Santa María la Ribera neighborhood of Mexico City, and experienced childhood in the extreme neighborhood of Tepito. He was one of eight kids destined to Pedro Moreno Esquivel, a ruined mail bearer.


His comic identity drove him to a carnival tent show, and from that point to genuine theater and film.


A long lasting smoker, Cantinflas kicked the bucket of lung tumor on 20 April 1993 in Mexico City. Thousands showed up on a stormy day for his memorial service. The function was a national occasion, enduring three days.

As a young fellow, Cantinflas played out an assortment of acts in voyaging tents, and it was here that he procured the moniker “Cantinflas”. As per one tribute, “Cantinflas” is an aimless name imagined to keep his folks from knowing he was in the stimulation business, which they thought about a disgraceful occupation.

Before beginning his expert life in excitement, he investigated various conceivable vocations, for example, solution and expert boxing, before joining the stimulation world as an artist.

In the mid-1930s, Cantinflas met marketing expert and maker Santiago Reachi and consequently joined forces with him to shape their own film creation wander. Reachi delivered, coordinated, and circulated, while Cantinflas acted. Cantinflas influenced his film to make a big appearance in 1936 with No te engañes corazón (Don’t Fool Yourself Dear) before meeting Reachi, however the film got little consideration.

Google Doodle

On August 12, 2018, the Google Doodle paid respect to Cantinflas on his 107th birth commemoration.

The Google Doodle respects Cantinflas today (Aug. 12) on the 107th commemoration of his introduction to the world as Mario Moreno in a Mexico City ghetto in 1911. He would parlay his comic-acting fortune into a part as a humanitarian, sought in Mexico and over its outskirt with the US by the ground-breaking intrigues he once caricaturized.

In any case, Cantinflas‘ inheritance remains as an indication of an alternate time in Mexico-US relations, when a Mexican star showed up along the edge of an American pioneer who depended on him to anchor votes.

Like Chaplin’s Little Tramp character, Cantinflas advanced the reason for the poor by embracing an underdog persona, el peladito,”who dependably, at last, figures out how to persevere through his tribulations,” as the New York Times composed upon his passing in 1993. Beginning in the late 1930s, his movies earned him millions and made him a loved figure in Mexico and crosswise over Latin America for a significant part of the following four decades.

The extent of his big name makes Cantinflas an image of a past period in amusement, when countries and entire landmasses were enchanted as one by solitary, outsized existences.