English Test for Abroad Study

The International Test of English Proficiency or iTEP is a dialect appraisal instrument that measures the English skills of non-local English speakers. The test is upheld by more than 700 institutions including the California State Universitysystem. The test is accessible in excess of 40 nations, and is additionally utilized by organizations, and governments, for example, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and Mexico for expansive scale initiatives. There are more than 600 iTEP test focuses around the world, with more than 100 in China where iTEP has associations with the absolute biggest instruction organizations in the nation.

iTEP International was helped to establish by former ELS Language Centers President Perry Akins and colleague Sharif Ossayran. The test was first propelled in 2008 for schools, colleges, and worldwide projects. Adaptations for optional schools and business use were before long included, trailed by English tests for explicit ventures, for example, neighborliness and live in housekeeper.

Training Applications

There are three iTEP tests for use in instructive settings:

iTEP Academic is utilized nearby by concentrated English projects (IEPs) for arrangement, advancement, and leave assessment. It is likewise utilized by schools and colleges for confirmations purposes.

iTEP SLATE evaluates secondary school, optional school, and center school understudies, and is utilized by all inclusive schools and foundations. Between June 2012 and June 2013, the quantity of US foundations perceiving this test quadrupled and the number keeps on becoming through 2017. This development is to a great extent because of the retirement of ETS’s SLEP exam and the restricted accessibility of their TOEFL Junior test.

English Test for Abroad Study
English Test for Abroad Study

iTEP Placement is intended for the incite turnaround of situation testing in English projects. It surveys language, tuning in, vocabulary, and perusing notwithstanding composing prompts that can be evaluated by the directing foundation.

iTEP Academic and SLATE each have a “center” form and an “or more” adaptation. The “center” variants are Internet-based, most recent a hour, and test perusing, punctuation and tuning in. The “in addition to” variants most recent a hour and a half altogether and furthermore test composing and talking, requiring the test taker to submit composing and talking tests by means of PC. Results are accessible in a split second on the various decision “center” segments, and the talking and composing results are reviewed by ESL-prepared local English speakers in 5 business days (or 24 hours for IEPs). The “in addition to” tests retail for $119USD and can be planned inside 3 days, making iTEP a standout amongst the most adaptable and slightest costly alternatives among its rivals, which include TOEFL and IELTS. Organizations managing iTEP tests nearby get limited rates. iTEP additionally makes modified or white label tests for instructive establishments.

Business Applications

iTEP offers general iTEP Business and iTEP Conversation tests, and concentrated English tests for explicit enterprises.

iTEP Business measures the English abilities required for a workplace. It is utilized by organizations to screen new contracts, settle on choices about advancements and assignments, and assess English preparing programs. Like iTEP Academic and iTEP SLATE, iTEP Business has a center and in addition to adaptation.

iTEP Conversation assesses a person’s capacity to talk and comprehend English inside 30 minutes. The test is intended to comfort the test-taker utilizing a conversational, well disposed setting. This test is additionally utilized in scholastic settings.

English Test for Abroad Study
English Test for Abroad Study

iTEP Hospitality measures the English abilities important to work at eateries, inns, resorts, and voyage lines that serve English speakers. The test keeps going 30 minutes and assesses talking and tuning in. It is ordinarily controlled nearby by a business for employing and special choices.

iTEP Au Pair evaluates the English capacities of remote candidates to live in housekeeper programs in the US. Like iTEP Hospitality, it surveys talking and listening abilities in 30 minutes utilizing industry explicit substance.

iTEP Intern is utilized by organizations that process J-1 visa applicants who wish to originate from abroad to function as assistants with US organizations. This test keeps going 30 minutes and evaluates tuning in and talking aptitudes utilizing working environment settings.


iTEP scores people on a size of 0-6 (at 0.5 interims) for each area of the test and a general score. Each dimension interprets to CEFR levels and an identical scope of scores on other dialect capability tests.

English Test for Abroad Study
English Test for Abroad Study

Test Preparation

In 2014, iTEP discharged the Official iTEP Preparation Guide, printing a refreshed version in 2015. The Prep Guide comprises of a 133-page printed book expected to acquaint test-takers with the arrangement of the tests, and two practice tests, one to be taken before perusing the book as a symptomatic, and another to be taken toward the end as an examination. The composition and talking bits of the test are self-reviewed to help test-takers get a handle on the criteria that will be utilized to assess their work. The Prep Guide is sold online for about $27USD. An version for the Chinese market was distributed by Beijing Foreign Studies University-based Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in 2016 and retails for ¥88.