Dean Koontz – Coronavirus Predicted in 1981

As indicated by an online paranoid fear, the American creator Dean Koontz anticipated the coronavirus episode in 1981. His epic The Eyes of Darkness made reference to an amazing infection called “Wuhan-400” – shockingly foreseeing the Chinese city where Covid-19 would rise. In any case, the likenesses end there: Wuhan-400 is depicted as having a “kill‑rate” of 100%, created in labs outside the city as the “great” organic weapon. A record with more similitudes, likewise acknowledged by some as foreseeing coronavirus, is found in the 2011 film Contagion, about a worldwide pandemic that bounces from creatures to people and spreads self-assertively around the world.

Coronavirus predicted 40 years ago
Coronavirus predicted 40 years ago

The Eyes of Darkness

His book is taking off the racks right currently as individuals need to know whether writer Dean Koontz had an inside scoop on the feared ‘coronavirus’ that is tormenting the nation at this moment. Koontz book, “The Eyes of Darkness” specifies a fatal infection that Koontz called “Wuhan 400”. In his book distributed in 1981, he portrays it as an “extreme pneumonia-like disease” that spreads assaulting “the lungs and bronchial cylinders” and “opposing every single known treatment.”

His portrayal of the sickness is shockingly near what we know now as ‘coronavirus.’ In his book, Koontz likewise proceeds to state a Chinese researcher went to the U.S. with a plate that had China’s “generally significant and hazardous new organic weapon.” That weapon was classified “Wuhan 400” — in light of the fact that it was created in labs outside the city of Wuhan.


A progression of internet based life posts are guaranteeing a 1981 novel composed by top rated US creator Dean Koontz anticipated the coronavirus Covid-19 flare-up in 2019-2020.

A Facebook post on February 21, 2020 cases the 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness by Koontz gauge the episode.

coronavirus predictions
coronavirus predictions

The post shows the front of the book alongside two portions. In the principal passage, a sentence is featured saying, “In around 2020 an extreme pneumonia-like sickness will spread all through the globe.” The portion likewise says the disease will evaporate, return in 2030, and afterward “vanish totally”.

The subsequent extract highlights discourse from Koontz’s tale. In it, two characters talk about a natural weapon called ‘Wuhan-400.’ Called the “impeccable weapon,” it distresses just people and no other living animal can convey the microorganism.

The Facebook post has been seen in excess of multiple times and shared almost multiple times.

A Facebook post asserts The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz anticipated the coronavirus episode.


The coronavirus Covid-19 flare-up started in Wuhan, China in late December 2019, and has since spread to 58 nations. Almost 3000 individuals have kicked the bucket and more than 87,000 have been tainted as of March 1, 2020, as indicated by the World Health Organization.

The Facebook post guarantees that Dean Koontz’s book The Eyes of Darkness anticipated the coronavirus Covid-19 flare-up in Wuhan, anyway the book’s first version was distributed in 1981 and alluded to a flare-up in Russia of an infection called “Gorki-400.”

In the 1981 production of The Eyes of Darkness, distributed under the pen name Nichols, the story was that the infection was created in research centers outside a Russian city named “Gorki”.

Dean Koontz predictions about coronavirus
Dean Koontz predictions about coronavirus

At the point when The Eyes of Darkness was re-discharged under Koontz’s own name in 1989, the Cold War between the Soviet Union (presently Russia) and the United States was approaching the end after the previous started a period of “glasnost” or expanded transparency. A modification of The Eyes of Darkness changed the infection name to ‘Wuhan-400’ and its cause to China. Wuhan, a modern place for the majority of China’s history, is likewise home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The reality checking site Snopes depicted the notice of ‘Wuhan-400’ in Koontz’s book as “simply an occurrence”. Prophetically calamitous infections are regularly utilized in fiction composing, for example, Stephen King’s book The Stand.

The post’s first portion that makes reference to an episode of a pneumonia-like ailment in 2020 originates from a book by the late self-announced mystic Sylvia Browne, End Of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About The End of the World.

Browne was an incessant visitor on TV syndicated programs and composed in excess of 40 books before her passing in 2013. The Skeptical Inquirer distributed an article looking at Browne’s forecasts and discovered that of 115 cases inspected, her confirmable precision rate was 0 percent. She likewise was sentenced for misrepresentation in 1992.

The ‘Wuhan-400’ infection in Koontz’s tale is a natural weapon made in a research facility, anyway the World Health Organization said the Covid-19 infection was in all likelihood created in wild creatures, prone to be bats.

There is no confirmation that the new coronavirus was made in a lab. The infection is accepted to have begun before the end of last year in a nourishment showcase in Wuhan that was unlawfully selling untamed life. Wellbeing specialists figure it might have started in bats and afterward went to people, potentially through another species.

Reuters took a gander at further references of “Wuhan-400” in Koontz’s book.

The side effects and conduct of Koontz’s “Wuhan-400” are totally different to COVID-19. In the novel, the infection has a brooding time of “just four hours”. COVID-19’s brooding period is between 1-14 days. As indicated by World Health Organization, the most well-known hatching time is around five days.

Koontz likewise portrays “Wuhan-400” as an infection with an “execute rate” of a 100%. “When contaminated, nobody lives more than twenty-four hours. Most bite the dust in twelve”, he composes. COVID-19’s demise rate is a long way from this, as per the WHO, the case-casualty rate is somewhere in the range of 2% and 4% in Wuhan and 0.7% outside Wuhan.

The eyes of darkness predictions
The eyes of darkness predictions

The manifestations portrayed by Koontz are diverse to COVID-19. In his novel, “Wuhan-400” causes the emission of a “poison that actually destroys mind tissue” causing loss of control of substantial capacity. “The unfortunate casualty just stops to have a heartbeat, working organs, or any desire to inhale”, composes Koontz. In the mean time COVID-19 contaminations have a wide scope of side effects, including fever, hacking, brevity of breath and breathing troubles. Mellow cases can cause cold-like side effects, while extreme cases can cause pneumonia, serious intense respiratory ailment, kidney disappointment and passing.