Cricket World Cup 2019 – Host – History – Qualification

In Cricket World Cup 2019 all 10 teams play each other in a round-robin format, with the top four qualifying for the semi-finals.

Host of the 2019 Cricket World Cup

Britain and Wales will play host to 2019 world container in the wake of prevailing upon the rights 10 years back. The facilitating rights to 2011, 2015 and 2019 world were granted all the while in 2006. At first, England and Wales put in a joint offer for the 2015 world glass. Be that as it may, after Australia was destroyed by a joint Asian offer for the 2011 competition they were offered the facilitating rights in 2015. Britain and Wales were ensured the rights to 2019 in the event that they consented to pull back their 2015 offer, which they expeditiously did. Britain was likewise allowed the rights to the first ever T20 world container in 2007 in the meantime. The cricket competition was initially going to be an invitational however after every one of the twelve full and temporary individuals acknowledged the welcome the ICC conceded it official status.

cricket world cup 2019 detail
cricket world cup 2019 detail

History of the Cricket World Cup

The principal world glass was held in 1975 only four years following one day cricket overwhelmed the world. It was the ICC’s legitimate reaction to the ‘World arrangement of cricket’ Phenomenon which was demonstrating unfathomably prevalent with fans. Over the most recent 40 years, the competition has been held everywhere throughout the cricketing scene and has been won by groups from each edge of the globe. The competition in 2019 will be the twelfth time the challenge has been played and the fifth time it has been played in the UK. Britain and Wales have recently facilitated in 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999.

Capability for the 2019 Cricket World Cup

Just 10 groups will fit the bill for the 2019 world container after a choice was taken to contract the measure of the competition. In 2011 and in 2015 the competition had 14 groups however ICC have chosen couple of countries will make for a superior challenge. Britain will qualify consequently on the grounds that they are facilitating the competition, as will the best seven one day worldwide countries as per the most recent ICC rankings a half year preceding the competition.

Groups Qualified for the 2019 Cricket World Cup

Consequently Qualifier


Current qualifiers dependent on current ICC One Day International rankings


South Africa


New Zealand

Sri Lanka



Members in the 2018 World Cup capability competition

West Indies




Papua New Guinea


Hong Kong



Before, an assortment of organizations have been utilized yet the diminished number of groups this year implies that the arrangement will be a lot less difficult than in earlier years. In 2018 there may be one focal gathering comprising of each of the 10 groups. In this gathering stage, each country will play each other once implying that there will be an aggregate of 45 bunch recreations before the finals arrange. On account of this all-encompassing gathering stage, the quarterfinals have been abrogated and the best 4 groups will rather advance legitimately to the semi-finals with the rest of the 6 countries thumped out of the competition. The victors of each particular semi will advance to the last and the victor of that match will be proclaimed title holder.


Rulers, the profound home of cricket will play host to the last while The Oval will have the opening diversion. The two semi-finals as indicated by the English Cricket Board will be played at Edgbaston and Old Trafford. The London arena will have the opening service and some gathering stage installations. The remainder of the diversions will be played crosswise over England and Wales at the grounds which meet the ICCs size and limit necessities.


The decreased size of the competition

Justifiably, the member countries of the ICC have challenged the choice to recoil the span of the competition since it will imply that it will be a lot harder for littler cricketing countries to qualify. They contend that World Cup billets give their country’s understanding and introduction that they don’t get at some other time and that denying them the opportunity to contend could set the diversion back a very long time in their particular nations. As per the member countries, on the off chance that the ICC needs to develop the diversion, at that point they ought to make the competition greater, not littler. They further contend that steamed successes by countries, for example, Ireland over England in the 2011 world glass demonstrate that they can be aggressive and that the sky is the limit when they are given the opportunity.

Accordingly, the ICC has protected its choice saying that the move was important to guarantee the best quality item was being introduced to fans in the stands and watchers around the globe. They contend that having littler countries included was simply prompting victories which were exhausting to watch and really harmed the game in those littler nations. They trust that littler countries are ideally serviced by playing each other in aggressive matches until such an opportunity arrives when they will almost certainly honestly contend with the bigger cricket countries, for example, Australia or India. They likewise guarantee the new organization is more attractive as it enables each contending country to play each other contending country. This implies the table toward the end will be a more attractive portrayal of who the better groups.