Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film directed by Mark Waters and composed by Tina Fey. The film is in part based on Rosalind Wiseman’s 2002 true to life self improvement book, Queen Bees and Wannabes, which depicts female high school social cliques and the harming impacts they can have on young ladies. Tina Fey likewise drew from her own experience at Upper Darby High School as a motivation for a portion of the ideas in the film.

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels produced the film; Tina Fey, screenwriter and co-star of the image, was a long haul cast part and essayist for SNL. Albeit set in Evanston, Illinois (a wealthy Chicago suburb), the film was for the most part shot in Toronto. The film stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Franzese, Jonathan Bennett and Amanda Seyfried (in her film presentation) and highlights appearances from SNL cast members Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer and Amy Poehler. The movie denotes Lohan’s second cooperation with executive Waters, the first being Freaky Friday, discharged a year sooner.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls

The movie was discharged on April 30, 2004 and earned $129 million around the world, it has created a cult following. A coordinate to-video sequel, Mean Girls 2, debuted on ABC Family on January 23, 2011. The musical adaptation of Mean Girls premiered on Broadway in March of 2018.


Sixteen-year-old homeschooled Cady Heron and her zoologist guardians Betsy and Chip Heron come back to the United States following a twelve-year investigate trip in Africa, settling in Evanston, Illinois. On her first day of going to a state funded school, North Shore High School, Cady meets new schoolmates Janis Ian and Damian. The following day, Janis and Damian instruct Cady on the school’s different clubs and caution her to evade the most well known and scandalous one, the “Plastics”. The “Plastics” are driven by queen bee Regina George and incorporate the uncertain yet rich Gretchen Weiners and sweet yet boneheaded Karen Smith. The Plastics appreciate Cady in the wake of safeguarding her from a chauvinist colleague, and welcome her to sit with them at lunch. Seeing that Cady is coexisting with them, Janis devises an arrangement of reprisal against Regina for a past slight, utilizing Cady as the infiltrator.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls

Cady before long finds out about “The Burn Book”, an old diary of Regina’s that is loaded up with gossipy tidbits, mysteries, and affront about different young ladies and a few educators at school. In the wake of finding about “The Burn Book” Janis devises an arrangement to pay back Regina. At first, Cady doesn’t complete Janis’ plan for moral reasons. In the mean time, Cady progresses toward becoming pulled in to Regina’s ex, Aaron Samuels, and deliberately comes up short math tests so as to have a reason to converse with Aaron.

Regina enviously takes Aaron back at a Halloween party by kissing him before Cady. This goads Cady to completely focus on Janis’ arrangement to remove Regina’s “assets”. This includes separating Regina and Aaron, deceiving Regina into eating Swedish “sustenance bars” that really make her put on weight, and turning Regina’s kindred Plastics against her. All the while, Cady accidentally changes herself in Regina’s picture, getting to be angry and shallow, and deserts Janis and Damian.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls

At the point when Regina is at long last made mindful of Cady’s foul play, she counters by spreading the substance of the Burn Book everywhere throughout the school, rapidly affecting monstrous socially inspired fights all through the lobbies. To maintain a strategic distance from doubt, Regina embeds a phony defamation of herself in the book so as to point the finger at Cady, Gretchen, and Karen, the main female youngsters not referenced in the book.

Karen persuades the school’s essential, Ron Duvall, that they didn’t spread the book, who before long subdues the battling and accumulates the majority of the lesser young ladies in the recreation center. Math instructor Ms. Norbury, whom the Burn Book maligned as a street pharmacist, makes the young ladies confront the ways they all treat one another and apologize to one another and the educators; the arrangement considers achievement, to be kinships are revived. At the point when Janis’ turn comes, she resists Ms. Norbury, admitting her intend to wreck Regina with Cady’s assistance and straightforwardly deriding Regina. Sought after by a conciliatory Cady, Regina storms out of the school and is struck by a school transport, breaking her spine.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls

Avoided by Aaron, grounded by her folks, and scorned by her companions at school, Cady assumes full fault for the Burn Book and turns into a pariah. After she offers some kind of reparation with Regina, Cady’s blame before long breaks down, and she comes back to her unique identity. To compensate for the math tests she fizzled, she joins the Mathletes in the state title finals. Cady answers the sudden death round effectively, and they win the title for the school. At the Spring Fling move, Regina’s new beau Shane Oman is chosen King, while Cady is chosen Queen. In front of an audience, Cady pronounces that every last bit of her schoolmates are great in their own specific manner, snaps her plastic tiara, and disseminates the pieces and tosses them out to different young ladies in the group. She at that point accommodates with Janis, Damian, and Aaron, and achieves a détente with the Plastics.

The Plastics disband over summer get-away: Regina joins the lacrosse group to manage her displeasure, Karen is the school climate journalist and Gretchen joins the “Cool Asians” inner circle. Aaron has moved on from secondary school and attends Northwestern University in Chicago. Janis has started dating Mathlete Kevin Gnapoor, whom she at first hated. As Cady thinks about the societal harmony that has assumed control North Shore High, a gathering of new “Junior Plastics” has emerged, and Cady envisions them being hit by a transport.


  • Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, a 16-year-old young lady who exchanges to an open secondary school subsequent to being self-taught as long as she can remember in Africa
  • Jessie Wright as 5-year-old Cady
  • Rachel McAdams as Regina George, a rich well known youngster. Regina is Janis’ ex-closest companion and the pioneer of The Plastics
  • Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners, an individual from the Plastics who just needs Regina’s acknowledgment
  • Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith, the numb skull closest companion of Regina and Gretchen
  • Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian, a goth imaginative young lady who gets to know Cady and seals an arrangement to bring down Regina. Janis is Damian’s closest companion and Regina’s ex-closest companion.
  • Daniel Franzese as Damian Leigh, Janis and Cady’s gay closest companion who is ostentatious and melodic
  • Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels, Regina’s ex, and Cady’s adoration intrigue
  • Rajiv Surendra as Kevin Gnapoor, the “hormonal Mathletes president” who is pulled in to Janis
  • Tina Fey as Ms. Sharon Norbury, the school analytics educator
  • Tim Meadows as Principal Ron Duvall
  • Amy Poehler as June George, Regina and Kylie’s reckless mother
  • Ana Gasteyer as Betsy Heron, Cady’s mother
  • Neil Flynn as Chip Heron, Cady’s father
  • Daniel DeSanto as Jason, Gretchen’s unfaithful sweetheart
  • Diego Klattenhoff as Shane Oman, a football player who has an on-and-off association with Regina
  • Alisha Morrison as Lea Edwards