Islamabad History – Population – Second Beautiful Capital in the World

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, has been positioned second in the rundown of world’s most excellent capitals pursued by Paris, Washington, Berlin and Tokyo. London stayed at the highest priority on the rundown that included ten most wonderful capitals of the world. Russian capital, Moscow, stayed at the base of the rundown.

Islamabad, a standout amongst the most excellent capitals of the world, acclaimed for its magnificence, stylistic theme, interest, appeal and the one respected completely. Islamabad being the heavenly one could be contended over the whole urban communities of the world. It is exceedingly created and the improvements can been found in each point of the city, in addition it is likewise incorporated into the rundown of biggest urban communities on the planet.. The most excellent capital of the world is the one on which whole Pakistan feel glad and all around satisfied. Individuals thought to visit Islamabad for Islamabad being excessively striking, fine-looking and staggering.

islamabad beauty
islamabad beauty

It is additionally popular for being perfect, cool, quiet, serene, shimmering, clean, new and earth free. It is the most expansive based and urbanized city of the Pakistan. It is very up-to-dated one, current and all around kept up lie at the northern piece of the nation catching the excellence of northern territories of Pakistan. Islamabad is effective, well-requested, all around arranged and well-kept up city being separated into various zones and parts each with its very own refinement excellence. Islamabad is very wellspring of entertainment and an extraordinary spot to spend occasions and to visit too because of its lovable excellence of structures as well as of the green grounds and stops and some more. For keeping in view all these stately raw numbers Islamabad is enrolled in the main ten excellent capital urban areas.

City Size and Population Density

The city of Islamabad covers an all out surface territory of 906.5 square kilometers (around 350.0 square miles). In blend with the current evaluated number of occupants, the populace thickness comes to around 2,089 individuals dwelling for every square kilometer (5,410 living for each square mile).

Islamabad Demographics

The city of Islamabad has a populace of 1,433,000 starting at 2016. Islamabad and its neighbor Rawalpindi structure the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan territory, which has a populace of over 4.5 million. Islamabad has turned out to be known for its various populace, its advanced education framework for being home to the biggest mosque in South Asia.

The city is for the most part involved individuals in the 15-multi year age section, making up over 59% of the populace. Over 37% of occupants are younger than 15, while the more established populace is very little at simply 2.73%. Islam is the most rehearsed religion in the city, with over 95% of Muslims making up the populace. The second biggest religion is Christianity, which represents simply over 4% of the populace.

Islamabad has the most elevated proficiency rate in the nation at 88%. Over 10% of the populace has a four year college education, and 5.2% have a graduate degree, to a limited extent in view of the advanced education framework which comprises of 16 perceived colleges. Punjabis make up 65% of the populace, trailed by Urdu-speaking Muhajirs (14%), Pashtuns (10.51%) and others – including Sindhi, Balochi, and Kashmiris) making up the remaining 7%.

islamabad view
islamabad view

Islamabad Population Growth

In spite of improvement that was finished during the 1960s, Islamabad has indicated relentless populace development throughout the years. Its high level of energetic inhabitants, joined with its atmosphere, view, and employments in parts including data and interchanges innovation makes it a region that should see proceeded with development well into what’s to come. Appraisals place the 2020 populace at practically 1.7 million, and it’s relied upon to surpass 2.2 million of every 2030.

Islamabad isn’t simply known for being the capital of Pakistan, yet it is known for grasping present day thoughts while staying consistent with its rich social legacy. The dynamic city has pulled in occupants from all over Pakistan, making it a standout amongst the most various and urbanized urban communities in the nation.


The most lovely capital city, London, the city of the Kings and Queens, is arranged on the River Thames and that is one reason how it got positioned as the most wonderful capital city. The city is famous for its specialties, instruction, excitement, style and the travel industry. The capital of England is otherwise called the masterful capital of the world, likely due to the fine structural style of structures. In the event that you visit the city, you should visit the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster and Madame Tussauds.

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