Hot dog eating contest

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Hot dog eating contest
Hot dog eating contest

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island has moved toward becoming arrangement seeing throughout the most recent decade, to a great extent because of the strength of Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut.


  1. Firecrackers may fill in as the ideal accentuation to Fourth of July merriments
  2. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest records
  3. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2019: Live outcomes, refreshes from Coney Island
  4. Ladies’ Division results
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  6. Grants
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Firecrackers may fill in as the ideal accentuation to Fourth of July merriments

Firecrackers may fill in as the ideal accentuation to Fourth of July merriments, however should you need a little hors d’oeuvre to take a break until dusk, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is here to hold you over.

Hot dog eating contest
Hot dog eating contest

As has been the situation since 2007, 11-time champion Joey Chestnut is the man to beat as he goes ahead on a mission to be the primary recorded person to eat 75 wieners and buns in 10 minutes. Miki Sudo speaks to the cream of the harvest in the ladies’ division following five straight successes in the yearly occasion on Coney Island.

 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest records

A year ago Chestnut set another world record by eating 74 wieners, beating the following nearest finisher by 10 full sausage. The main man to beat Chestnut over the most recent 12 years of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is Matt Stonie, who last met Chestnut two weeks back in the Hooters’ Wing Eating Championship in which Chestnut completed second to George Esper, however an entire 22 wings superior to Stonie in third.

Hot dog eating contest
Hot dog eating contest

One of the features of the occasion is George Shea, the Master of Ceremonies, and his amazing and extraordinary presentations for every contender.

Brandishing News is following live features and results from the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Pursue the updates beneath.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2019: Live outcomes, refreshes from Coney Island

(All occasions Eastern.)

  • 12:39 p.m.: Matt Stonie advances toward the stage. Would he be able to rehash his 2015 presentation?
  • 12:31 p.m.: We begin with the biggest man in the occasion. Eric “Barren wilderness” Booker.
  • 12:30 p.m.: George Shea’s amazing presentations have started.
  • 12:04 p.m.: They have started pulling the wieners off the flame broil.

Ladies’ Division results

Finish Name Hot hounds

  •  Miki Sudo 31
  •  Michelle Lesco 26.5
  • T3 Sarah Reinecke 23
  • T3 Juliet Lee 23
  • 11:10 a.m.: Miki Sudo wins her 6th straight ladies’ belt with 31 sausage! Michelle Lesco completed second with 26.5, trailed by Sarah Reinecke and Juliet Lee at 23.
  • 11:09 a.m.: Can Sudo hit 30!
  • 11:07 p.m.: Sudo is on pace for 35 wieners.
  • 11:05 a.m.: Sudo hits the 20-hound edge. She has a three sandwich lead over Michele Lesco.
  • 11:04 a.m.: 54-year-old Juliet Lee is in fourth, only three mutts off the pace. You’re never excessively old to chow down!
  • 11:02 a.m.: Sudo is the first to 10 hounds. She said in the blink of an eye before the begin she was stressed over the sort of shape she was in, entering the occasion.
  • 11:00 a.m.: And they’re off. Will Miki Sudo win?
  • 10:59 a.m.: Competitors are topping off their water cups.
  • 10:51 a.m.: No Sonya Thomas this year. She holds the ladies’ record.
  • 10:46 a.m.: The introductions have started for the ladies!


Nathan’s unique Coney Island area

Significant League Eating (MLE), endorsed by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE), has authorized the occasion since 1997. Today, just contestants right now under contract by MLE can contend in the challenge.

The field of around 20 candidates ordinarily incorporates the accompanying: the protecting hero; champs of a provincial passing challenge for that season; people qualifying as one of two trump cards (most elevated two normal qualifier scores without winning a solitary qualifier); and those welcomed by extraordinary welcome of the MLE.

Hot dog eating contest
Hot dog eating contest

The contenders remain on a raised stage behind a long table with beverages and Nathan’s Famous sausage in buns. Most candidates have water close by, however different sorts of beverages can and have been utilized. Sauces are permitted, however more often than not will be not utilized.

The sausage are permitted to cool somewhat in the wake of barbecuing to anticipate conceivable mouth consumes. The challenger that expends (and holds down) the most sausage and buns (HDB) in ten minutes is proclaimed the champ. The length of the challenge has changed throughout the years, already 12 minutes, and in certain years, just three and a half minutes; since 2008, 10 minutes.

Observers watch and root for the eaters from closeness. An assigned scorekeeper is matched with every hopeful, flipping a number board checking each wiener devoured. Halfway eaten wieners check and the granularity of estimation is eighths of a length. Sausage still in the mouth toward the finish of guideline check on the off chance that they are in this manner gulped.

Yellow punishment cards can be issued for “muddled eating,” and red punishment cards can be issued for “inversion of fortune”, which results in disqualification. If there is a tie, the hopefuls go to a 5-frank eat-off to see who can eat that a lot more rapidly. Further ties will result in an unexpected passing eat-off of eating one progressively wiener in the quickest time.

After the champ is announced, a plate appearing number of franks eaten by the victor is brought out for photograph openings.


The victor of the men’s opposition is given ownership of the pined for global “bejeweled” mustard-yellow belt. The belt is of “obscure age and worth” as indicated by IFOCE prime supporter George Shea and rests in the nation of its proprietor. In 2011, Sonya Thomas won the debut ladies’ opposition and its “bejeweled” pink belt.

Hot dog eating contest
Hot dog eating contest

Different prizes have been granted throughout the years. For instance, in 2004 Orbitz gave a movement bundle to the champ. Beginning in 2007, money prizes have been granted to the top finishers.

Composing style

This post is written in expository writing style.

Fun and excitement

Film and TV programs

  • The Nathan’s challenge has been highlighted in these documentaries and TV programs:
  • “A Different Story” (July 4, 1996) – Jeannie Moos covers the challenge on CNN
  • “Red, White, and Yellow” (1998)
  • “A Hot Dog Program: An All-American, Culinary Cruise Through Hot Dog History” (1999)
  • “Gut Busters” (2002) Made for TV – Discovery Channel
  • “Footlong” (2002) – not the 2003 short film of a similar name
  • “The Tsunami – Takeru Kobayashi” (2003) Japanese
  • “Insane Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating” (2004)
  • “The Most Extreme”, “Huge Mouths” scene (2004) (Animal Planet)
  • Modest Seats, (2004)
  • “Genuine Life” (2006) MTV narrative arrangement
  • Hungry (2013) narrative film; contract debate between Nathan’s Famous and Kobayashi
  • “30 for 30: The Good, The Bad, The Hungry” (2019); ESPN Documentary


News sources commonly use plays on words in head-lines and duplicate alluding to the challenge, for example, “‘Tsunami’ is eating challenge’s big enchilada once more,” “couldn’t meet expectations” (A.P.), “Nathan’s King prepared, with relish” (Daily News) and “Honestly, Fridge faces a genuine sausage customer” (ESPN).

Correspondent Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Post has been covering the occasion since the mid 1990s and has been a judge at the challenge since 2000. Darren Rovell, of ESPN, has contended in a qualifier.

Strategies and preparing

Every hopeful has his or her very own eating technique. Takeru Kobayashi spearheaded the “Solomon Method” at his first challenge in 2001. The Solomon strategy comprises of breaking each frank into equal parts, eating the two parts without a moment’s delay, and after that eating the bun.

“Dunking” is the most noticeable strategy utilized today. Since buns retain water, numerous hopefuls dunk the buns in water and press them to make them simpler to swallow, and slide down the throat more efficiently.

Different strategies utilized incorporate the “Carlene Pop,” where the contender bounces around while eating, to drive the sustenance down to the stomach. “Buns and Roses” is a comparable trap, however the eater influences from side to side instead. “Juliet-ing” is a bamboozling strategy wherein players essentially toss the sausage buns over their shoulders.

Challengers train and get ready for the occasion in various ways. Some quick, others incline toward fluid just weight control plans before the occasion. Takeru Kobayashi thinks, drinks water and eats cabbage, at that point fasts before the occasion. A few competitors, for example, Ed “Treat” Jarvis, mean to be “ravenous, yet not very eager” and have a light breakfast the morning of the occasion.


The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is a yearly American frank aggressive eating rivalry. It is held every year on Independence Day at Nathan’s Famous Corporation’s unique, and best-known café at the edge of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in Coney Island, an area of Brooklyn, New York City.

The challenge has increased open consideration as of late because of the fame of Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut. The guarding men’s hero is Joey Chestnut, who ate 74 franks in the 2018 challenge. The guarding ladies’ hero is Miki Sudo, who ate 37 sausage in the 2018 challenge.


The challenge Thursday will commence around early afternoon with Chesnut, the amazing aggressive eater, prepared to shield his crown – or, for this situation, the Mustard Belt. The 11-time boss of the occasion won a year ago’s occasion by bringing down a record 74 wieners and buns in 10 minutes.