The gamer, 29, whose genuine name is Desmond Amofah, was accounted for missing six days back.

His belongings were found on Manhattan Bridge on Monday. He had transferred an eight-minute YouTube video in which he discussed suicide.

Etika was famous for playing and examining Nintendo diversions on YouTube and the spilling stage Twitch.


Daniel Desmond Amofah (May 12, 1990 –  c. June 19, 2019), better known online as Etika, was an American YouTuber, live-streamer and previous model, best known for his reactions to various Nintendo products and diversions.

Following a while of evident emotional wellness and self-destructive issues, Amofah vanished on the night of June 19, 2019. On June 24, 2019, the New York City Police Department announced that a body was found in the East River. Multi day later, the body was affirmed to be his.


  1. Online tributes
  2. Early life
  3. Profession
  4. Vanishing and passing
  5. Who was Etika?

Online tributes

Etika’s companions and fans – including different YouTubers – have been paying tribute to him via web-based networking media.

Keem portrayed him as “an incredible performer”.

“A standout amongst the best streamers in the game. He lost a channel of more than 800,000 [subscribers] and made another one and was ideal back pulling a huge number of watchers. Any place he’s let go I’ll be there,” he composed.

Cbass re-tweeted the police’s affirmation of Etika’s passing and included: “psychological instability isn’t a joke”.

“Tragic to know a brilliant light blurred today,” composed proficient gamer Zinoto.

In the event that you’ve been influenced by an emotional wellness issue, help and backing is accessible.

Early life

Amofah was conceived in Brooklyn, New York, to Owuraku Amofah, a Ghanaian legislator. His dad’s relative (tended to by him as “uncle”), Nana Akufo-Addo, of the conspicuous Ghanaian Ofori-Atta family, became President of Ghana in January 2017.



Preceding the Etika branding, Amofah was dynamic in displaying and rapping. He would keep on demonstrating infrequently until 2015. Amofah began using YouTube to communicate his gaming and response streams in 2012. Prior to the conclusion of his primary direct on YouTube in 2018, he had more than 800,000 supporters between his YouTube and channels, and inside months subsequent to making a second YouTube channel, had in excess of 130,000 endorsers.

Amofah’s substance had been portrayed as Nintendo-focused. He frequently spilled responses, regularly preposterous, to Nintendo Directpresentations, and named his fans the “Delight Con Boyz”, named after the Nintendo Switch standard controllers, Joy-Con. In November 2016, two recordings of Amofah’s the place he implied to have a Nintendo Switch reassure before its 2017 discharge were investigated by fans; the model he was utilizing was 3D-printed by YouTuber Sandqvist at Etika’s solicitation.

In June 2017, Amofah uncovered himself to be the casualty of various ‘counterfeit gifts’, or ‘chargebacks’ of a lot of cash sent to his PayPal account by means of stream gifts, which would hit Amofah with several dollars in handling expenses.


In October 2018, he uploaded pornography to his YouTube channel, which disregarded YouTube’s strategies and prompted the channel’s deletion. He was additionally restricted from Twitch that year for utilizing a homophobic slur during a stream.After his channel was erased, Amofah composed obscure messages to online networking, including the announcement “the time had come to kick the bucket”, that few of adherents felt were self-destructive in nature, and made a little panic. Amofah took to internet based life that night to affirm his prosperity, alongside different streamers who declared to having seen him free from any danger face to face, as to ease the devotees’ fears. He later apologized on Reddit.

On April 16, 2019, Amofah tweeted that he was going to murder himself with a gun he purchased from a weapon store in Long Island, which prompted his capture and hospitalization. Alice Pika, who had dated Amofah from 2011 to 2017, said he was fine, and that she had been “watching him all day”. Days later, he posted an image of himself holding a weapon which Pika said was phony. On April 29, in the wake of tweeting different cryptic, anti-semitic, and homophobic messages, he blocked dear companions of his.

Soon thereafter, he live-spilled himself getting confined by police to 19,000 watchers on Instagram Live after a concerned fan called about him. He was kept again that week for battling a police officer. Amofah went onto the YouTube channel DramaAlert for a meeting wherein he said he was the “antichrist” and that he needed to “cleanse all life”.

Vanishing and demise

In the late night on June 19, 2019, Amofah posted a YouTube video titled “I’m grieved” to his own YouTube channel TR1Iceman, insinuating his self-destructive contemplations as he was strolling down New York City roads; in the video he confessed to having psychological wellness issues, battling with the consideration he had been having from spilling, and apologized for pushing individuals from him.


In the video, Amofah said “I trust that my story perhaps makes YouTube a superior spot later on where individuals know limits and cutoff points and how far things ought to go.” While the video was expelled from YouTube for infringement of its Community Guidelines, fans reposted the video to different outlets.

Who was Etika?

Etika joined YouTube in 2012.

He was best known for his response recordings, where he reacted to new discharges and items, fundamentally from amusements goliath Nintendo.

The 29-year-old had stressed his supporters with his conduct via web-based networking media in the past, with the police called to his home after a suicide risk.


Transferred at midnight on the night of the 19 June (19:00 BST), his most recent YouTube video, titled I’m grieved, included Etika strolling the boulevards of New York.

In the film, he was sorry for pushing individuals away and affirmed he experienced psychological maladjustment.

He likewise discussed online life, prompting “alert” around utilizing it to an extreme.

“It can give you a picture of what you need your life to be and get made a huge deal about totally,” he says.

“It devoured me.”

The first video was expelled yet duplicates have been transferred by other YouTube clients.