Allentown car accident lawyer

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Some of our recent motor vehicle accident success cases:

  • $12,700,000 recovery obtained for the estates of a Northampton County woman and two friends who were tragically killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.
  • Thomas, Conrad & Conrad’s success in pursuing dram shop cases (lawsuits against taverns/bars who serve visibly intoxicated patrons who then cause injury to innocent victims by their actions) was again on display in Monroe County this year. A Nine Hundred Thirty-Five Thousand ($935,000.00) recovery was obtained for a woman who had suffered a broken arm, foot, and leg as a result of a car crash caused by a drunk driver who had been drinking at a local bar.
  • After receiving no offer to settle before the trial based on the defense position that the minimal vehicle damage suggested that the alleged injuries could not have been suffered in such a minimal trauma, Thomas, Conrad & Conrad obtained a damages award for its client which brought her total recovery to a quarter million dollars even though her car sustained only $900.00 in damage in the car accident.
Allentown car accident lawyer
Allentown car accident lawyer
  • Thomas, Conrad and Conrad finished 2017 with yet another success in the Courtroom. At a final settlement conference with the trial judge, the judge recommended the settlement of a Berks County woman’s case for $400,000.00. Despite this recommendation the Defendant’s maximum offer at the conference and at all times in advance of trial was $270,000.00. Attorney Erik Conrad recommended to his client that the case go to trial which resulted in a $630,000.00 verdict being obtained for the client by Attorney Conrad.

Why You Need Legal Help

Car accidents can be a tragedy, creating physical, emotional and mental hardships. In most cases, the victims simply want to heal and return to their normal lives. However, that is not always as easy as it sounds. You need an experienced Eastern Pennsylvania attorney on your side to ensure that you are able to achieve the peace you deserve after a motor vehicle collision.

While the representatives from the insurance companies might appear to be interested in helping you, they represent the interests of their employer, not you. Their goal is to have the case closed as quickly as possible, with minimal expense to the company. You need Thomas, Conrad & Conrad to represent your interests and ensure you are compensated for your injuries.

First Steps After Car Accidents

Following the right steps after car accidents helps to ensure you have appropriate medical and financial care. You need to obtain the name and contact information of the other driver, along with any witnesses. Report the incident to authorities to start creating the legal documentation necessary to support your claims. Even if you think you were at fault, don’t admit that to the police. Wait and let your legal representative familiar with car accidents and the related claims speak for you.

You should seek medical treatment immediately, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Quite often, the shock of the impact and tense situation can mask pains and other symptoms of your injuries. Have someone take pictures of any bruises, scrapes or other visible signs of the crash.

Hire a Reputable Law Firm Familiar with Car Accidents in Eastern PA

The attorneys at Thomas, Conrad & Conrad Law Offices have the experience you deserve to represent you during this trying time in your life. Having a reputable attorney on your side will help you to focus on healing and recovering from the trauma you suffered.

Allentown car accident lawyer
Allentown car accident lawyer

Our staff is dedicated to helping you get back on your feet after a tragic accident. We will help you assess the true degree of your losses, including chronic pain and lost wages during the recovery period. Our services include negotiating with the insurance company representatives to establish responsibility and liability for victims of car accidents.

When the case cannot be settled favorably out of court, our litigators are experienced in courtroom representation as well. Having an attorney by your side when you enter the courtroom will give you the confidence and advice you deserve.

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